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A university discipline or Title IX charge can have a catastrophic lifetime impact. Cambareri & Brenneck, your criminal defense team, can help.

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Cases of fraud are where individuals intentionally deceive others to gain an advantage and cause financial or legal harm. Criminal fraud encompasses various deceptive acts, some explicitly defined as fraud under the law, while others may be related to fraud but labeled differently.

In New York, the state does not have a specific section in the penal law for charging individuals with general “fraud.” Instead, the state has established specific statutes that outline various forms of fraudulent activities. When charging someone with fraud, the court relies on these particular statutes to ensure precise legal proceedings

Explore your legal options with an experienced and knowledgeable former prosecutor before a plea deal is entered. We take all situations into consideration to get you the best results.

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At Cambareri Brenneck, we understand the gravity of large-scale fraudulent schemes as felony-level offenses in Syracuse courts. If you find yourself accused of insurance fraud exceeding one million dollars in value under NYPL §176.30, a conviction could lead to a minimum one-year prison sentence and the obligation to fully repay the funds taken.

At Cambareri & Brenneck we
regularly examine whether or not:

There have been rights violations against our client.

Violation of search and seizure laws.

There are misconduct issues.

There are pieces of evidence that should be suppressed.

There have been chain-of-evidence issues.

There are witnesses (or other evidence) that dispute the state's version of events.

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Community Service

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